A special project - my daughter's goaltender mask

A special project - my daughter's goalkeeper mask

Much of life comes as a surprise. It can be good, bad or simply challenging. Similarly, some projects come to our tables without notice or warning. If everything could be planned and foreseen, all tension and stimuli would be missing. Isn't it just these projects we're growing on? I guess so. Force us to take a look outside the box and leave our comfort zone.


Floorball is a fast, dynamic and exciting team game. However, the fan base is still relatively unknown in Germany. The very sweaty game is also known as bandy or floorball. The game is played either in small or large fields. In the small field, three field players and one goalkeeper per team may be on the field. The large field team may have five field players and one goalkeeper on the field at the same time.

There are different playing times depending on the age groups. The perforated ball weighs 21 grams and can reach speeds of up to 140 km / h. My children have discovered the game for themselves and are enthusiastic about it.

The enthusiasm did not pass even on the dad and so the training and the match days have been part of my fixed schedule for a few years.

This video put it together wonderfully:

For three years now, my daughter has chosen the position of the goalkeeper. You have long raved about the elaborately painted goalkeeper masks in the DEL and NHL. Apparently a "must-have" for all goalies.

Children grow. That is the case and cannot be influenced. So it was a few weeks ago that new goalkeeper equipment was needed. The helmet supplied optically did not meet my daughter's wishes. Sometimes children don't have to say anything and we parents already know what they want ... This is how this, for me unusual, challenging project was born.

The project was under time pressure. Helm should be ready by the last weekend. She was invited to the South German selection team U15. There are four selection teams in Germany. The squad for the U17 national team is formed from these.

She is the first girl to be invited there!

The helmet - the starting point

The helmet from Jadberg is made of black plastic. The label is printed.

A special project - my daughter's goalkeeper mask

The lettering was removed from the helmet with abrasive cloth. In order to achieve the smoothest possible surface, the helmet was finally polished with 8000 grit.

A special project - my daughter's goalkeeper mask

The design was done by my daughter. Of course, the Danube floorball waves should be visible on the helmet. Revell Aqua color paints and an airbrush were used for painting. I started with a coat of primer. I took a 24-hour break between each coat of paint. The time is necessary to allow the paint to harden. Alternatively, you could have helped with a hairdryer and shortened the drying time considerably.

Adhesive tape from the automotive sector was used to mask the strips and contours.

I worked from the lightest to the darkest layer of paint.

A special project - my daughter's goalkeeper mask

Unfortunately, it could not be prevented that paint ran under the tape. Patience is now required to improve all positions.

A special project - my daughter's goalkeeper mask

In the end, the helmet received 3 layers of clear lacquer. With each layer, the new paint appears more harmonious and appears "as if from a single source". It is important to let the paint dry well.

A special project - my daughter's goalkeeper mask

I painted the grids on the front of the helmet with Molotov chrome pens. The effect is really great and indistinguishable from a metal grille.

A special project - my daughter's goalkeeper mask

Then the final assembly took place. The next project will be printing decals for the lettering.

Danube floorball

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