Accurate Miniatures P-51 A Mustang 1/48 #throwbackthursday

Accurate Miniatures P-51 A Mustang 1/48

#throwbackthursday - My first P-51 in 1/48 

It is the first model I was satisfied with at the time. The P-51A from Accurate Miniatures. Admittedly, I don't even know how long ago it was that I built this model.

There are hundreds of trends on the Internet. No matter if it was the "Ice Bucket Challenge" or something similar.

Sometimes you have a supposedly good cause, sometimes it's just nonsense. Under the hashtag "#throwbackthursday" or "#tbt" you can often find memories of past events. I know if that's a new trend now. However, I would like to put this post under this hashtag.


Accurate Miniatures P-51A Mustang 1/48

These pictures were originally taken when I was experimenting with lighting and image processing. For the pictures, I needed a photo motif. When I looked into the showcase, I noticed this model:

Accurate Miniatures P-51 A Mustang 1/48

I remembered the feeling of satisfaction when I finished the model back then. Today's view was all the more sobering. Some of what I did then would be solved completely differently today.

Mein heutiger Blick auf das Modell

Accurate Miniatures P-51 A Mustang 1/48

There are things that still convince me today. When looking at the pictures I noticed the exhaust pipes. I actually like them very much. Early Mustangs in Asia showed a distinctive exhaust flag. However, this feature is completely missing in my model.

Accurate Miniatures P-51 A Mustang 1/48

The "post shading" is too dark for me. Generally, I think I would do it differently today. Trying to age the spinner would look different today.

Accurate Miniatures P-51 A Mustang 1/48

I made the first tentative attempts at leaking oil and other liquids with this model. The wheels are too clean and there should have been more dust on this model.

Accurate Miniatures P-51 A Mustang 1/48

The sponge technique was still new to me at the time. Today is my biggest criticism of the model. Back then, I didn't really succeed in flaking the paintwork. However, I was satisfied with it at the time.

An idea - comparison then and now

Accurate Miniatures P-51 A Mustang 1/48

The view of a model changes tremendously over the years. You learn new things and over time you also focus on other areas. While browsing through my kit stock, I found the same model again. Unfortunately without decals. I have to check whether the rest is complete. The thought matures in me to build the model again. to have a comparison.

How do you handle that? Do your models also wander into a display case? Or do you sell the finished ones in the big internet auction house?

Have you ever made such a comparative building?

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